Process Of Creating

The adventure of the book in your hand began during the implementation of the Individual Talent Monitoring Program at the Istanbul Science and Arts Center, which is affiliated to the Ministry of National Education’s Directorate General for Special Education and Guidance Special Abilities Development. As BİLSEM; We are an institution that provides services to Special Talented individuals through project based education philosophy. Our goal is to train individuals who “can not only know but produce”.

A new technique has emerged with the help of observing with the aim of revealing the creative thoughts of the students. We gave our technique the name “Aytürk Tekniği”. With the application of this technique, students have created their own unique products by combining their knowledge, talent and creativity with their existing knowledge. We wanted our sample activity to be compiled, written, visualized and audible so that it is permanent, accessible, and open to sharing.

Training given to groups of 8-person students aged 9-13 years, with a total of 600 minutes of 5 days, was sufficient for students to create new products. We started by applying Relaxation and Breathing Exercises as training method. These exercises were applied to 4 Anatolian High Schools and 3 High Schools 750 students in Kadıköy Governorship in 2006 during the research called “Psychometric Assessment of Change of Positive Direction by Applying Music and Relaxation Techniques of Violence Potential in High School Students” and positive findings were reached. In our events, we used “Events Transferring Through Content Games” as a method. For example, the empty tables distributed to the students at the first stage filled with the rhythmic and melodic concepts they created according to their own perspective. Then again they sang the table they have created using their own creativity. Thus, a new song or rhythmic speaking through symbols, games, rhymes and stories had emerged. We used Activities that Transfer Content through Artistic Activities, Interactive Apps, Brainstorming, Stage Shows.

The application of “Aytürk Tecnique” contributed to making students feel valuable as they are. The children in different talents that exist in each child were born in the same class environment. There was a feeling of unity and solidarity. With the participation of the disadvantaged students in them, a new product which was accepted as social was unearthed. As a result of the activities, the students have used their strengths at their highest level in accordance with their needs.

This new technique applied to products made by our “Ideas Race You’re Overcoming Obstacles” has participated in the Special Education Materials and Activities 700 works from competition, she has achieved third place in Turkey in the event space. We are still continuing our applications at the Istanbul Science and Art Center. We are one of the branches that are difficult to produce original events. Thanks to this work, we would like to share with you a study that will love music for young age groups. It took months to prepare, but we are aware of our shortcomings.

We have already taken the first step with this booklet, if it is partly irregular in order to shed light on the issue of revealing the product that is the final step of the education to achieve our goal, and to share the experience. During the training process we wanted to add video footage that we did as amateurish lesson material, with permission from the student’s parents only in terms of the idea. Unfortunately, we had to make the face of our students who were not allowed to be viewed unfortunately invisible. For these reasons, we hope that our shortcomings in the amateurish presentation of impromptu studies will be welcomed. Please forgive our flaws.

I want to thank some of the people we feel we are in the process and feel support at any moment. Our dear friend Derim Kadayıfçı, who has voluntarily carried out CD sound recordings to our esteemed authority, Halim Erdogdu, who passed away to our Principal Erol KÖMÜR who caused this work to be formed, and my dear friend Dr.Başak ROK, I would like to thank all of the friends, parents, and students I love

Kids! Thank you to me for many years and have given you very special occasions. Stay with love…

Ayşen Ertürkler