5. At Sineği


Song Lyrics

Benim adım at sineği,
Severim eğlenmeyi.
Yemek istersen eğer
Benimle takıl yeter.

Uçarken indim ahıra,
Sonra bindim katıra.
Katır bana kuyruk attı,
Girdim hava akımına.

Serçe geldi yanıma,
Kanat salladı bana;
Hoşça kal, dedim ona
Sonra gittim yuvama.


Students are listed in circles.

The first person who is a midwife walks in front of his friends by reading rhythmically as the 1 st table is mentioned on the table. At the end of the staircase, stand in front of your incoming friend. Wait for two seconds.

The midwife flees from her friend whom she stops in front of her. His friend tries to catch him in the agreed number of rounds.

If they do, the midwife will not change. If you do not catch it, the former midwife player changes, becoming the unattainable midwife.

The midwife reads rhythmically into the second continent.

Scoring system: Catch 4 times, gain 1 point. Captured 3 times caught.

Everyone has the right to count himself twice without being caught. If the person who needs to catch the ebey can not do it, his score will be reduced. The person who first reaches the 10
points wins the game.

The two remaining players are deemed to have won the game.


Unused fabrics in the house or old cardboard, paper, etc. Get supplies. Cut an oval piece of material. Then cut a smaller circle than the first one. Think of this apartment as the head. Now cut two smaller circles for the eyes. Paint them. Cut the two antennas you design as you want and paint. Finally, cut two triangular or oval wings from nylon bags that are not used for wings or from a thin, otherwise material. Create flies by adding all the pieces together. In the meantime, remember to make a mouth.
Separate materials that can be used when you are done. Discard what is not to be used. Do not forget to clean it around.