1. Tale


Tale Game Instructions

Number of people in group 6-30

1. After the rhythm is thoroughly learned, the children choose one person among them. They take that person away from that environment.
2. The remaining people choose a sentence from the song-mixed in the song.
3. Then they call the person who is the midwife and tell the chosen sentence in body language. Selected sentences should not come back one after another.
4. The words of the midwives tell the songs in song form.
5. Can make up to three predictions. The person who can not guess and speaks without using the body language is out of play.
6. The midwife chooses the best. That person becomes a midwife.
7. The midwife goes out in the same way and the game continues in the same process.
8. The game is maintained according to the number of participants.

Song Lyrics

Ben ormanda gezerken, yakalandım aniden,
Fırtına ve kasırga, sürükledi bir dağa,

Dağda gördüm bir keçi, gözleri mor rimelli,
Tırnakları ojeli, tüyleri de jöleli

Ben dedim ki keçiye, gel şehire inelim,
Kuaföre gidelim, sonra yemek yiyelim

Hayır, senle gelemem, yeni kaçtım sahipten
Beni şebek yapan o, tutsaklığı seçemem.

Dedim ki sen haklısın, doğrusunu yapmışsın,
Senden özür dilerim, bir gün şehre beklerim.


Draw a game board on a piece of cardboard you can find at home. You can play on the trees to make your game board look like a forest.

The game is set as follows:

“You are a goat and a landlord. One day you ran to the forest from your owner. Follow this path and avoid the owner in the forest. ”
Apart from this rule you have two dice and how many people you need so much pawn. One of these pawns will own the goat, and the other will be the goat. Goats are aiming to escape from the forest, and the owner’s aim is to catch them.
If you want to make the game more interesting, you can write the following sentences at a certain point;
for the goats; “You have found a goat path, go two steps forward” or to the owner: “Your dog has taken the smell of the goats, but the smell is the smell of a smell. You smell bad because of the skunk, wait for a round. “